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  • USB PC PH Meter

    USB PC PH Meter

    usb pc PH Meter pH meter is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, pharmaceutical, fermentation and chemical industry, aquaculture, water, etc. This...

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  • TFT Touch Screen Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters

    TFT Touch Screen Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters

    TFT touch screen portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters Specifications: Functions: ØTo support TFT touch screed with colour and navigation bar; ØTo support measurement DO concentration, DO Saturation;DO...

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  • Colorful Touch Screen Automatic Titrator

    Colorful Touch Screen Automatic Titrator

    colorful touch screen Automatic titrator Specifications: Functions: ZDJ-5B (Support potential titration) ZDJ-5B-D (Support conductivity titration and potential titration) ZDJ-5B-Y (Support...

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  • LED Automatic Polarimeter

    LED Automatic Polarimeter

    LED Automatic Polarimeter Characteristics Need not prewarm when turning on; Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration; Automatic repetition-measurement for 6...

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  • Automatic Image Melting Point Apparatus

    Automatic Image Melting Point Apparatus

    automatic Image Melting Point Apparatus We are located in Chongqing, China, and have much experience in the area since 2001. Characteristics The image melting point apparatus is mainly used for...

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  • Automatic Ratio Turbidimeter

    Automatic Ratio Turbidimeter

    automatic Ratio Turbidimeter Characteristics Measurement of light scatter and decay of the insoluble particles suspended in water or transparent liquids;Quantitative analysis of particle contents....

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  • Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer

    Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer

    automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer Characteristics Full automatic measuring, avoid personal error; Touch Screen; Have the function of temperature display, automatic correction and saving the...

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  • GC- - 9310 Gas Chromatograph

    GC- - 9310 Gas Chromatograph

    Network gas chromatograph can be linked with several chromatographs with one computer and one set of software to complete chromatographic data analysis, printing, storage, remote monitoring and...

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    INTRODUCTION: Display: LCD Interface: RS232 serial interface and USB interface Power Supply: 110/220 VAC, 50-60±1Hz Detector: FID, ECD, TCD, NPD, FPD Column: packed column, capillary column...

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