How to replace the potentiometric titrator burette

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Buret is titrant with liquid feed system precision liquid storage unit during the titration. In the titration reaction in different, basically does not use the same titrant, in each titration burette to replace Sheng required titrant.

Replacement steps:

1, after the connection of the instrument, the boot display welcome interface;

2, installation and disassembly burets click the "clear" button, return to zero position in burette removable state;

3, in the waiting state according to the "clear" button to start the automatic stop function, burets returns zero position. This function is used in wait state;

4. The left and right arrow on the single keyboard can make the reversing motor rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, which is used to adjust the deflection angle of the reversing shaft

5, shift from the buret according to the operation manual schematic direction, when the installation must hear "slap burets" sound to the exact location, otherwise

Need to push in again;

6, after installation, locking the buret before use.

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