Instrument characteristics of automatic potentiometric titrator

- Oct 25, 2017 -

⑴ titration results more accurate

Titration process to collect the signal is 0.1 mV, titration minimum feed rate can reach 0.0025 ml, than other ordinary titrator feed for about 10 times.

⑵ full Chinese display, easy to operate, a higher degree of automation

Instrument used in Chinese display, parameter settings convenient, the instrument automatically titration, the end of the automatic alarm, and can print out the test report results.

⑶ with dynamic feed and quantitative feed mode

The dynamic feed titration method automatically adjusts the feedrate with the potential change, which is more effective when the penicillin degradation product is titrated.

⑷ can determine a number of equal points

The instrument has a similar function with foreign potentiometric titration equipment, can be set to 1 ~ 9 when the point, with the point when the stop, the volume stop two stop-stop mode.

The main function of automatic potentiometric titrator

According to the type of chemical reaction titration: acid-base titration, redox titration, complex titration and precipitation titration.

According to the different points of the titration solvent: aqueous titration and non-aqueous titration.

Differences in titration methods: chemical titration, penicillin content determination, penicillin calibration and penicillin degradation.

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