PH Meter maintain

- Mar 02, 2018 -

PH Meter maintain

The electrodes used in the laboratory are all composite electrodes, which have the advantages of being easy to use, free of oxidizing or reducing substances, and having a faster equilibrium speed. When in use, remove the rubber sleeves and lower rubber sleeves on the electrode filling port to keep the hydraulic pressure difference of the potassium chloride solution in the electrode. Here's a simple introduction to the use and maintenance of the electrode:

⒈ compound electrode when not in full immersion 3M potassium chloride solution. Avoid using washing liquid or other absorbent reagent dipping.

⒉ before use, check the front glass bulb electrode. Under normal circumstances, the electrode should be transparent without cracks; the bulb must be filled with solution, there should be no bubbles.

⒊ When measuring a solution with a large concentration, try to shorten the measurement time and carefully clean it after use to prevent the measured liquid from adhering to the electrode and contaminating the electrode.

⒋ After cleaning the electrode, do not wipe the glass membrane with filter paper, but apply filter paper to dry to avoid damaging the glass film, preventing cross-contamination and affecting the measurement accuracy.

⒌ Note that the electrode in the measurement of silver - silver chloride reference electrode should be immersed in the bulb chloride buffer solution to avoid the electrical meter part of the phenomenon of digital jumped. When using, pay attention to gently toss the electrode a few times.

⒍ electrode can not be used for strong acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

⒎ Do not use in dehydrating medium such as absolute ethanol, potassium dichromate, etc.

1, pH glass electrode storage

Short-term: stored in pH = 4 buffer solution;

Long term: Store in pH = 7 buffer solution.

2, pH glass electrode cleaning

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