Selecting the Right Polarimeter

- Apr 08, 2018 -

1 ,Measurement Range and Accuracy Purchasing a new polarimeter is a major  decision. Choose the model that offers the best measurement range and  accuracy to meet present and future application needs. Be aware that many  polarimeters offer a very limited measurement range that may limit readings.  Also, most importantly, there are many polarimeters on the market that have  a non-linear accuracy specification. In other words, within the limited  measurement range of these instruments, the accuracy specification can  degrade to different levels across that range.

2 Measurement Response Time In today’s labs, speed is critical - with fewer  resources processing more samples, technicians wait time must be minimized.  Reichert offers the fastest measurements for a given accuracy.

3 Illumination Method Polarimeters use different lamp sources for transmitting  polarized light. Some models employ halogen lamps which have a short life  span, generate heat, and require servicing while others have LED  illumination. LED illumination does not require maintenance or generate heat  and is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. All Reichert  polarimeters feature LED illumination.

5 Sample Tube Lengths, Material Composition Polarimetric applications utilize  different sample tube lengths. Longer tube lengths provide greater accuracy.  But sometimes shorter tube lengths are needed if samples are limited in  quantity or very expensive. Tube lengths range from 10 to 200mm depending on  the application. Material composition of tubes is also important. Many  sample types work well with a stainless steel tube. Samples that are  corrosive are better suited for glass. Reichert provides a wide range of  tube lengths and materials to meet all needs.

6 Software When selecting a polarimeter, ensure the software features meet  your needs. Reichert offers an intuitive, simple interface for quickly and  accurately attaining measurements. The measurement screens are simplified  and Reichert software provides custom scales and methods, and is compliant  with 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

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