Precautions for the use of laboratory instruments

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Precautions for the use of laboratory instruments

1. when using laboratory instruments and equipment, we must read the technical manuals carefully, familiarity  with technical indicators, performance, usage and matters needing attention, and strictly follow the  procedures specified in the instruction manual.

2. the first use of laboratory instruments and equipment personnel must be operated under the guidance of  skilled personnel, and the independent operation can be carried out skillfully in the rear.

3. the equipment and equipment used in the experiment should be reasonably arranged, placed in order, easy to  operate, and to observe and record.

4. before the electrified equipment is electrified, ensure that the power supply voltage is up to the input  voltage value of the instrument and equipment, and the instrument and equipment with three line power plug  must be inserted into the power supply socket with protective earthing, so as to ensure safety.

5. when the laboratory instruments are used, the input signal or the external load should be limited within the  specified range, and the overloading operation is prohibited.

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