Precautions of laboratory instruments

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Precautions of laboratory instruments

1. optical chemical instruments and their accessories should be light and light in use to prevent vibration. Do not touch the surface of optical glass by hand. Found the dust and dirt, do not use hand or wipe cloth, must use special products or special tool removal.

2. some laboratory instruments are not suitable for operation and use in the magnetic field or electric field. Shielding measures must be taken to prevent the instrument and equipment from damaging or reducing the measurement accuracy.

3. mechanical equipment, before use must carry out unloaded operation to ensure that no fault can be used after loading. For lubrication, after use wipe clean, pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance.

4. instruments and equipment are not allowed to be disassembled or altered at any time. It is necessary to develop new functions or update them.

5. regular laboratory equipment maintenance and maintenance, and stored in the dry and ventilated place, the standby time is too long, the instrument and equipment should be regularly electrified to start, prevent the damp mold to damage the parts of the instrument and equipment.

6. to establish a regular calibration and calibration system for the technical indexes of large and expensive laboratory instruments and equipment, and to maintain their technical specifications. Use the original record well.

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