How do we maintain the UV-visible spectrophotometer

- Apr 26, 2018 -

UV spectroscopy and other spectroscopy instruments in the course of the use of the correct maintenance can not only extend the life of the instrument, but also to provide accurate testing equipment to ensure that the correct maintenance of the spectrometer made the following recommendations:

(1) in strict accordance with the instructions on the instrument switch sequence switch instrument. Should first open the total power, and then open the switch and the selection key. In strict accordance with the order of power off the machine. Some instruments in the boot and shutdown should pay special attention to its special requirements.

(2) Spectral instruments should always be kept clean and dusty into the spectrometer inside the instrument.

(3) the electrolysis of the two electrodes must be in a concentric position, or easy to short circuit and damage the platinum electrode.

(4) in the case of often do not, the instrument should be a few hours a month, and check the UV-visible spectrophotometer performance. At this point the instrument itself can play a role in heat flooding, while the electrolytic capacitors within the instrument also need to apply the operating voltage.

(5) Coulomb meter generating electrodes correspond to each other. Separate the electrode and electrolyte used in the semi-permeable membrane used in accordance with the provisions of the operation should be installed, when not in the electrolyte or distilled water, otherwise it will fail.

(6) pay attention to moisture. Humid air is easy to reduce the surface resistance of the component, and even make the components moldy. The instrument should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, regularly replace the moisture-proof silicone bag.

(7) For the mechanical part of the movement, often with anhydrous ethanol or acetone scrub fouling.

(8) UV-visible spectrophotometer, such as failure, according to the spectrometer instructions to gradually check, can not chaos chaos knock, otherwise it will further damage the instrument.

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