The application of the spectrum instrument continues to widen

- Apr 27, 2018 -

In the future, the spectrum instrument will continue to develop along the direction of the application of the beginning of the last century, and will be studied by the traditional science and technology basic disciplines (science, chemistry, astronomy, biology), mineral analysis, industrial product quality control and other material research Continue to biomedical, environmental ecology, social security, national defense construction and other areas directly related to the expansion. In recent years, at home and abroad have developed a variety of directly related to the human spectrum equipment, can be directly obtained from the human skin fluorescence, so as to detect the application of cosmetics, drugs, skin hyperplasia, hair damage, UV protection effects, the instrument without sample preparation, And no sample pool, easy to use; can also be used for water quality analysis, soil analysis, environmental analysis and agricultural products, food, cosmetics analysis.

It is expected that the spectrum of instrumentation will continue to expand in the future for a long time. The technology department will continue to develop new application areas or new application requirements, especially the new application requirements related to people directly. Units will continue to be based on a variety of new application requirements, the introduction of a variety of new spectral instruments, and market prospects will become a spectrometer or system development, production focus; in many areas of large development situation, the application of spectral analysis and testing will continue to update, the majority Of the spectrum analysis users will develop a variety of new spectral analysis methods, put forward new application requirements and the development of new spectroscopy instruments. We will face the unprecedented spectrum of the cause of all aspects of the success of the new application results continue to develop the situation.

Near infrared spectroscopy analysis techniques and instruments continue to mature and promote the use of

In the late last century, due to the development of the requirements of the situation and the stoichiometry, new mathematical methods, computer hardware and software development, near-infrared spectroscopy analysis technology has been revived, a variety of near-infrared spectroscopy instruments continue to emerge. As a result of near-infrared spectroscopy analysis of the sample preparation is simple (even without preparation can be directly analyzed), can be achieved on-line analysis and testing, multi-component analysis can be completed at the same time, the global development of near-infrared spectroscopy; China's petrochemical Research Institute, China Agricultural University and other units are also developing oil detection near infrared spectrometer, agricultural analysis of near infrared spectrometer, in the field of scientific research, application of great development results.

Miniaturization of the spectrum of the current and future development trend

Traditional spectrometer is not only a large precision, expensive instruments, but also on the working environment conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic interference demanding, must be a professional analyst). In order to meet the global development situation, the late stage of the late spectrum has been a small, portable, on-site needs, and there has been the trend of miniaturization of spectrometer equipment, research and development of miniaturization of the spectrum of science and technology, industry sector focus. As for the rapid development of modern military science and technology battlefield, the scene of rapid radiation, biological, chemical weapons detection of portable spectrometer,

The next few years will become the focus of global R & D.

It is expected that due to the new development of the global multi-field in the new century, the demand for R & D, production and application of miniaturized spectrometer will be more urgent and will be the focus of attention in the future for a long time

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