The basic principle of multi-parameter monitoring

- Mar 06, 2018 -

1. The basic principle of multi-parameter monitoring

Multi-parameter monitoring more widely used in modern medicine. The monitor is an important and indispensable equipment in the hospital, from 24 hours monitoring and analysis of various physiological parameters, there is a worrying when the patient's physiological function parameters more than a certain value, remind health care workers or family members of the patients in emergency treatment a protection system, this is an important indicator of health care workers in the diagnosis, treatment and rescue. Monitoring technology development and upgrade, can be used in many departments in the hospital, as a surgical ward, psychiatric ward, coronary heart disease room, children and baby care ward, trauma care ward, radiation machine nursing ward.

Basic principle

Display have different functions, so the working principle is also different, but generally speaking, all the works through the sensors' various physiological changes, then the amplifier will strengthen into electronic information, in this time data analysis software will calculate the data, finally, various characteristics of the output of the display module, or need records can be printed out. When monitoring data beyond the set a goal, alarm system signal will stimulate the attention health care workers.

According to the physical structure of the monitor, it can be roughly divided into two types.

Single parameter monitoring, such as blood pressure monitor, oxygen saturation monitors, ecg monitoring.

Multi-function, multi-parameter monitoring: ecg, respiration, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen parameters.

Ecg monitoring

Ecg monitoring can usually care 3 or 6 leadership, one or two leadership waveform can also display, it can display the heart rate directly. Powerful direct display managed 12 lead ecg; It can do further analysis of the wave, extraction ST segment waveform and arrhythmia event.

Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring

It can be divided into manual and automatic measurement when monitoring, measuring blood pressure can be set according to need. Blood pressure is refers to the pressure of the blood vessel wall, and each time the contraction and relaxation process of heart, blood flow pressure change, blood vessels in the arterial and venous pressure is different, different parts of the pressure vessel. Systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in the corresponding artery upper arm and the core of the human body as high, clinical features of human blood pressure, known as the systolic blood pressure (pressure) and diastolic pressure (low pressure). Arterial blood pressure of human physiological parameters, it can be easily changed according to the mental state, emotional state, posture and body position movement.

Arterial oxygen saturation (Sp02) monitoring

Oxygen is the first human survival condition, the effective blood oxygen molecules hemoglobin (Hb) formationoxygenated hemoglobin (Hb02) this is transfer to body tissues. Used to define the proportion of the value of the oxygen base hemoglobin is called oxygen saturation, namely: HbO2 / (HbO2 + Hb).

Body temperature (provisional) monitoring

General multi-parameter monitoring temperature measurement is to use a negative temperature coefficient thermistor as temperature sensor. Monitor usually provides a single channel temperature and high-end monitoring provides double channel temperature. Temperature probe has two kinds of surface detector and cavity probe.

2. Electrocardiogram is introduced

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is to point to in each cardiac cycle heart pacemaker, atrial and ventricular has excited, along with the change of ECG bioelectricity from the body surface electrocardiogram lead to various forms of potential changegraphic (ECG). Electrocardiogram (ecg) is the heart of the excited generation, transmission and recovery process of the objective index.

Dynamic electrocardiogram (ecg) free of any activity, will not affect their daily life, do what you should do. The cheque is in the chest part and paste a diversified electrode plate, electrode single recorded more comprehensive, generally not more than ten. Connecting wires from each electrode pad to record box. This box in connection with the stock you oblique, can go home. If the doctor done correctly, the connection box and wire and electrode should be company, will not fall off. Does not affect the activity, just be careful damage mobile. The doctor will give you a record, so this 24 hours and record point. Such a long time to check, mainly in order to capture the ecg changes in symptoms, and, as the overall rate variation analysis. Once a day in a certain period of time have symptoms, the second day, the doctor one day ecg records to a computer, need to input the computer time, time will immediately v electrocardiogram (ecg), we can make an accurate judgment. Used for various arrhythmia, ventricular atrial hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, heart rate anomaly, myocardial ischemia, electrolyte disorders, heart failure and other diseases of the check, it can be used to bed 24 hours monitoring patients cardiac function.

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