The development of analytical instruments will usher in new historical opportunities

- Oct 25, 2017 -

In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution and food safety have become increasingly frequent, laboratory equipment, especially the analysis instrument and its related sample pretreatment and other products demand has increased year by year, government agencies and the analysis of detection mechanism analysis of testing laboratory investment is gradually increased, the rapid growth of market instruments. According to the China Instrument Industry Association statistics, in the process of back analysis instrument sales revenue increased year by year chemical analysis, chemical analysis and auxiliary equipment supporting the use of the instrument also showed a rapid upward trend, part of the laboratory equipment manufacturers have begun to focus on independent research and development of key technologies, improve China's equipment industry strength, especially in the past the field of chemical analysis in the process of development are not attached to the fields, such as pretreatment of sample products and other general laboratory equipment (Laboratory of conventional heating and cooling equipment) in a new round of growth in the performance of the more prominent.

In the typical chemical analysis process, sample pretreatment process takes up most of the time, according to statistics more than 60%, in addition, sample pretreatment is also the main source of analysis error. As the industry standard continues to rise, the new sample pretreatment technology is gradually becoming a necessary prerequisite to improve the analysis speed and accuracy of the results, the sample pretreatment technology is so new, especially towards the height of sample is more and more obvious trend of automation processing technology.  Automated sample pretreatment can bring many advantages, which can significantly reduce the operation cost and human error, but also greatly reduce the operation risk of effective personnel exposure to chemicals, but also can control the solvent and strong acid and other chemicals consumption and emissions, there is a risk to reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the powerful software interface is another processing automation sample before the big advantage, can make the operator graphical management of samples, and flexible settings, save and use different pretreatment methods, the sample pretreatment is more simple. Therefore, in recent ten years, the automatic sample pretreatment equipment not only developed rapidly, but also expanded the market.

In the promotion of this industry background and the characteristics of the product itself, the development of the industry analysis of product processing matching sample also ushered in a new historical opportunity, chemical analysis and related equipment marked by the computer application is a new change in the industry, the computer control analysis of data collection, sample pretreatment and analysis of continuous process rapid, real-time and intelligent. Analytical instruments and sample pretreatment products are developing in a new direction with higher sensitivity, higher accuracy, lower cost, more specialization, intelligence, automation, simple operation interface and so on. Part of the instrument manufacturers have begun to focus on forward-looking technology research and development, and some products and technologies have reached the international advanced level.

The pretreatment of products and the analytical instrument of many manufacturers, the market competition is more intense, the future will follow Dovi advanced technology development direction, covers the following: (1) along the direction of analysis and testing process integration more products, improve the product function and quality; (2) the design experiences of nearly ten years of laboratory automation products. To improve the applicability of automation products, improve the user experience; (3) the advancement of new technology products, innovative development of new products, expand the existing market; (4) from the angle of "green chemistry" research and development of new laboratory equipment. At present, the typical products of automatic sample pretreatment are mainly automatic solid phase extraction system in the field of organic analysis, automatic GPC gel purification system, automatic concentration system, high-pressure solvent extraction system in the field are mainly inorganic, automatic electric heating digestion system and microwave digestion instrument.

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