The working mode of the water bath oscillator

- Mar 30, 2018 -

The working mode of the water bath oscillator

1、 cyclotron oscillation: this way of operation is also called circumferential oscillation. It rotates at 360   degrees on the horizontal plane. For example, in this way, the oscillating liquid assumes a whirlpool state   in the container, so as to achieve uniform effect.

2、 reciprocating oscillation: as the name suggests is oscillating oscillating, the use of inertia to oscillate   the sample, why to use this mode of oscillation? Because the liquid viscosity is thicker, the effect of this   mode of oscillation is much better than that of the gyratory oscillation.

3、dual function oscillation: that is, the combination of gyratory and reciprocating oscillations in two ways.   Depending on the character of the sample and the requirements of the work, any mode of work can be chosen by   ourselves.

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