Research Prospects And Future Trends Of Atomic Absorption

- Apr 24, 2018 -

In recent years, both at home and abroad are committed to the study of atomic absorption analysis of the problem:

    1, with tunable laser instead of hollow cathode light source.

    2, use atomization with laser.

    3, continuous light source, medium ladder grating monochromator, wavelength modulation atomic absorption method, the method is developed in the late 1970s a background correction of new technology.

    4, efficient separation of gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, the introduction of separation equipment and the combination of measuring instruments.

    5, micro-injection technology and solid direct injection atomic absorption analysis has been people's attention.

    All these new developments are worthy of our attention. In recent years, micro-computer applications to the atomic absorption spectrophotometer, making the instrument's overall performance and automation to a new stage.

    20 before the 1990s, whether it is a constant magnetic field - polarization modulation or alternating magnetic field modulation are horizontal magnetic field, the two instruments due to the use of polarizers, making the light intensity reduced by 50% to 60%, sensitivity and detection Limitations are limited. In the eight-stage Zeeman combination of atomic absorption spectroscopy, the longitudinal magnetic field is the best, and the technique has been achieved after the advent of the transverse heated graphite furnace. For the time being, the best combination of commercial atomic absorption spectrometers would be a new technology for lateral heating of the graphite furnace atomizer plus longitudinal Zeeman effect background correction.

    At present, atomic absorption method has been widely used in various fields, the industry, agriculture, medicine and health, teaching and research development plays a positive role.


                       4530F Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


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