Conductivity Meter Precautions And Features

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Matters needing attention in conductivity meter

1. check whether the pointer refers to zero, if it does not refer to zero adjustment of conductivity instrument zero knob,

2. adjust the conductivity meter to the calibration file, and the pointer points to the maximum scale,

3. adjust the knob according to the electrode constant and adjust it to the measuring file when measuring.

The lead of the 4. electrode should not be damp, otherwise it will not be accurate.

5. high pure water is poured into a container promptly after the measurement, otherwise the conductivity increases quickly, because the CO2 in the air into the water into carbonate ion.

6. containers for the solution to be tested must be clean and free of ion contamination.

Characteristics of conductivity meter

1. all Chinese display, friendly interface: all data, status and operation tips are displayed in Chinese, there is no manufacturer defined symbols or code.

2. simple menu structure, text type human table dialogue: use more clear, convenient, according to the prompts on the screen can be operated.

3. multi parameter display: display conductivity, output current, temperature, time and state at the same time.

Automatic compensation of 4. (ultra) pure water: for ultra pure water, the automatic temperature compensation of conductivity at 25 degrees centigrade is realized.

5. Notepad function: faithfully record the operation of the instrument and the alarm time, easy to manage.

6. history curve and digital recorder function: two times table every 5 minutes automatically store a measurement data, can be stored for a month of electrical conductivity.

7. digital clock function: displays the current time, provides the time datum for the digital recorder function.

8. backlight function: can be used in dim or no light environment, according to the temperature changes, automatically adjust the contrast to the clearest.

9. prevention program flying death: watchdog program to ensure that the instrument will not crash, which is the basic requirements of online instruments.

10. output current setting and checking function: manual current source function, can check and arbitrarily set output current value, convenient detection recorder and lower computer

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