Multi-parameter Analyzer Main Features

- Oct 25, 2017 -

The multi parameter analyzer can also be used as a measuring instrument in the laboratory. It is an instrument used for collecting Ph, ORP, conductivity and temperature in the field,

Multi parameter analyzer is suitable for petrochemical, biological medicine, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, mine smelting and other industries and institutions of higher learning and scientific research units.

Main features:

Using MCU technology, wide screen LCD display, at the same time with operation prompt function;

Simple and convenient to use. The new PC panel has good reliability;

PH, ORP, conductivity and temperature can be measured;

Automatic temperature compensation, automatic switching of electric conductivity range, power-off protection and other functional instruments;

The instrument is designed with low power consumption and has undervoltage display;

Five kinds of pH buffer solutions can be selected to calibrate the instrument at one or two points

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