Refraction Maintenance And Maintenance

- Oct 25, 2017 -

In order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, to prevent damage, please pay attention to the maintenance of users, the following points for reference:

(1) the instrument should be placed in dry, indoor air circulation, so as to avoid optical parts after wet mildew.

(2) when testing corrosive liquid, timely cleaning (including optical parts, metal parts and paint surface), to prevent erosion damage. Cleaning must be done after using the instrument.

(3) was not due to impurities in hard test, when the test of solid samples, should prevent the prism surface galling or indentation.

(4) keep equipment clean, no oil or sweat hand touched optical components, optical components are available if the surface dust or senior deerskin long fiber cotton with skin to blow. As the surface of optical parts stained with grease should be promptly cleaned with alcohol ether mixture

(5) the instrument should avoid strong vibration or impact to prevent parts damage and influence precision.

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