The Maintenance And Operation Of The Refractometer

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Refractometer has many advantages, such as easy to carry, high measurement accuracy, low price, simple operation and maintenance, small size, light weight and so on. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production and scientific research in various industries and departments. But it is also a precise optical instrument, so the correct operation and maintenance is a reliable guarantee to obtain accurate measurement results, and can greatly extend the service life of handheld refractometer. This article introduces the use and operation steps of handheld refractometer and maintenance knowledge for your reference and communication.

The first step: open the cover, 2-3 drops of distilled water or standard solution in the prism surface, close the cover, let the sample solution cover the entire surface of the prism, cannot leave bubbles or voids, before the second step, let the sample liquid in the cover for about 30 seconds, this can make the kind of goods around and refraction the temperature of the same instrument.

The second step: the refractometer is arranged in the light source through the eyepiece, you will see a circular area with the scale, if the image is not clear by adjusting the focusing tube to make scale line more clearly, the regional part is blue, the lower part is white.

The third step: with distilled water or standard solution as a sample, observe the eyepiece, and adjust the calibration screw until the blue and white area boundary line and 0 scale line coincide completely, at this time the adjustment is finished. Try to ensure that the ambient temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit at 20 centigrade degrees Fahrenheit range, to ensure that does not affect the measurement accuracy, when more than 5 degrees the temperature fluctuation of working environment, please re adjusted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results. If the refractometer is equipped with automatic temperature compensation system, regardless of the instrument when re adjustment, must ensure that the adjustment of the environment around the temperature of 20 degrees or 68 degrees fahrenheit. Once the adjustment is finished, the ambient temperature can fluctuate within the allowable range (10 ~30 C), which will not affect the accuracy of the measurement.

The fourth step: sample solution to be measured instead of distilled water or adjust the liquid, and then repeat the first step, followed by second, third, the scale boundary value read blue and white, at the moment of value is the accurate measurement of the concentration of the sample solution value.

After use, please do not use water to clean the instrument, in order to avoid the water soaked into the barrel. The instrument is a precision instrument and should be handled with care. Don't touch and scratch the optical parts. The instrument should be placed in a dry, clean and non corrosive atmosphere to prevent surface blurring. In the process of carrying, should avoid strong shock, so as not to damage the optical components and basic structure. After using, use soft wet cloth to wipe the instrument, so as not to cause corrosion and dirty important optical components, make the measurement result inaccurate.

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