Atomatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

Atomatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

KE320 automatic nucleic acid extractor is to separate and purify DNA and RNA from various biological samples (whole blood, white blood cells, peripheral blood, monocytes, cultured cells, tissues, paraffin embedded tissue sections, etc.).

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Product Details

KE320 automatic nucleic acid extraction

instrument features:

☆ 1. Screen operation: color LCD touch


☆ 2. Precise control: built-in operating

system, without connecting a personal


☆ 3. Temperature control: can be

customized cracking, elution temperature;

4.Free programming: Users can create, edit

and delete programs according to their


5. Fast extraction: the operation time is short, 30-60 minutes / times, flux, each can

simultaneously extract 32 samples;

6. Stable and reliable: UV devices, UV disinfection can effectively avoid cross-contamination,

automatic operation, the results are stable, to avoid manual error;


Treatment volume: 20 ~ 200μL

Sample flux: 1 ~ 32

3. Bead recycling efficiency:> 95%

4. Plate Type: 96-well plate

5. Heating temperature: cracking heating (room

temperature to +80 ℃), elution heating (room

temperature to +80 ℃)

6. Shake mixing: multi-mode multi-file


7. Bead size:> 1μm

☆ 8. Reagent type: magnetic bead open platform

☆ 9. Operation interface: color LCD touch screen

10. Internal program: can store> 500 group program

11. UV irradiation: Yes

12. Operating time: 30 ~ 60min / time