The K5500, a new type full - spectrum ( 200-850nm) spectrophotometer, can measure nucleic acids, proteins, cell cultures, microarray samples, and UV-VIS full spectrum absorbance scan with high accuracy and reproducibility.

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0.3-2µL sample size!

No cells, no cuvettes!

No warm-up!

Rapid measure speed!

Display the concentration directly!

UV-VIS full spectrum absorbance analysis (200-850nm)!

No dilutions for samples, can measure samples with high concentration!

Easy to use!


There are 5 measurement modules provided by K5500 software: Nucleic acid, Protein,

Cell culture, Microarray and UV-VIS.

Nucleic Acid: Concentration and purity of DS-DNA, SS-DNA and RNA

Protein: : Concentration of the protein A280(1Abs = 1mg/mL), BSA, IgG and lysozyme

Concentration of protein with protein assay kit (Lowry, BCA and Bradford)

Cell Culture:Concentration of suspended cell cultures

UV-VIS: UV/VIS full-spectrum (200-850nm) absorbance scan

Microarray: :Concentration of fluorescent dye labeled nucleic acid (microarray), for it can

measure the concentration of the nucleic acid and the dye at the same time